Fi Lime Hut founder

I’m often asked what inspired me to quit my City finance job and make the leap to create Lime Hut. My grandparents are from the West Indies and Sunday Caribbean dinner was the most significant part of family life. We have a motto in my family “I love you like Sunday dinner”!
The kitchen was the heart of the home.
However, as an adult, I became aware of the dietary health issues surrounding the Afro-Caribbean community and both high-blood pressure and diabetes affects many people in the community, as well as my own family. Becoming more and more health conscious, especially whilst working a sedentary job, I wanted to find a way to enjoy healthy food without just eating Kale!
So, in a nutshell, I developed a modern way to enjoy Caribbean food that was inspired by traditional flavours but cooked in a lighter and healthier way (pan frying, reduced salt, fresher ingredients).
Enter, Lime Hut.
From humble beginnings as a supper club, to making our mark on the Soho street food scene; our aim is to bring a taste of sunshine to the UK.

- Afiya Titus, founder of Lime Hut.