Dated February 29, 2016 Flood re Limited Payments Dispute Process Version 1.0 1. General 1.1 The following provisions apply to all disputes mentioned and conducted in connection with this Payment Dispute Settlement 12 4. Scope 4.1 This Agreement includes: the College; Teachers as defined in Section 3 of this Agreement; also; Staff 4.2 This Agreement shall not apply to: (d) (e) (f) (g) principal; The Rector of the University and any other member of the Society of Jesus; Members of the College Executive, including but not limited to: Principal Campus Director Burke Hall Campus Director Kostka Hall Campus Director of Teaching and Learning Director of Personnel Services Director of Finance (CFO) Director of Faith Education Director of Community Relations all employees who serve as casual workers; apprentices; apprentices; or; Workers with a sustained wage system. 5. Relationship to Rewards This Agreement is subject to the complete exclusion of any rewards that would otherwise apply to employees covered by this Agreement, including, but not limited to, the 2010 Educational Services (Schools) General Staff Award and the 2010 Educational Services (Teachers) Award and completely supersedes xavier College`s Terms and Conditions of Employment Contract National Employment Standards 6.1 National Employment Standards (NES), as contained in Part 2-2 of the FW Act, the minimum rights to which an employee covered by this Agreement is entitled are as follows. This Agreement may contain additional or additional terms with respect to the NES. 6.2 This Agreement contains industry- and company-specific details when it comes to a matter provided for in the NES. 1 [2012] FWAA DECISION Fair Work Act 2009 s.185 Company Agreement The Society of Jesus in Victoria T/A Xavier College (AG2012/12795) XAVIER COLLEGE CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT 2012 COMMISSIONER FOR EDUCATIONAL SERVICES BISSETT MELBOURNE, 17 DECEMBER 2012 Application for approval of the. [1] An application for approval of an operating agreement called (the Agreement) has been submitted.

The application was made pursuant to section 185 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (the Act). The agreement is an agreement on a single company. [2] I am satisfied that all the requirements of sections 186, 187 and 188 of the Act relating to this application for approval have been met. [3] The agreement is approved. 27. Dismissal 27.1 If the College has finally decided that it no longer wishes the work performed by the employee to be performed by anyone due to changes in the operational requirements of the employer`s business, the College shall, upon request, speak with the employees directly affected and their designated representative; pursuant to cl.8 of this Agreement At the end of these discussions, the College may, subject to clauses 27.4 and 27.5, terminate the employee`s employment relationship due to dismissal. Bacchus Marsh Grammar School Company Agreement 2016 22 20.4 An employee who has accrued entitlements to long-term leave must notify the college 6 months in advance of his or her intention to take a long-term duty leave The timing of the service leave will be discussed with the college so that it is beneficial to the employee and the college for both parties. However, an employee is encouraged to take long periods of work when due or within 12 months of that date A teacher should take long-term leave during semester periods if possible, but other arrangements may be negotiated with the responsible campus director An employee is entitled to the same duties upon return from leave. Positions of responsibility and salary he had before his departure. If the employee`s duties or position of responsibility no longer exist, the employee is entitled to substantially equivalent duties and/or a position of responsibility At the end of the employment relationship after 7 years of uninterrupted employment, an employee is entitled to temporary leave on a pro rata basis. .